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Manjhi was setup in the year 2017. To establish themselves in the competitive local market, it was necessary to introduce a product which would speak for its own quality. The policy is to aim at smaller profit and larger turnover. Retail outlets and Door to Door selling methods are not used. Though sales staff is employed to supervise, book orders and conduct promotion campaigns. We focus on the particular areas to provide best quality products to our clients. Below mentioned are some of our focus area that makes our product the best one.


We have been a renowned industry and from the start have aimed at producing better products everyday. The success to our dynamic specialized team who put in all the effort to achieve a better quality. Our technical lab provides proper work facilities, to make the products of world class standards.


Our industry has its own specialized team of lab technicians to manufacture all our products. The quality procedure involved in formulating various compositions are effective. The team has knowledge in all kinds to help produce products which are environmental friendly.Different machines are used for betterment of products.


We produce good quality products. The products have been specially formulated to give the desired results. Our quality is tested by special technicians to avoid any shortcomings, and the product can be used to maximum efficiency.The latest science techniques are utilized to formulate our products for effective use.


For packed convenience of clients we have packaging facilities for easy transport and delivery of products. The products are sealed properly to avoid any leakage thus ensuring the safety of products.

Research Development

Our team of research associates is continuously involved in improving and developing the products. They are continuously researching to formulate all our products. Latest researchers are used to improve the products.